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The TaxCoach line of products are a great way assist you in understanding and learning more about Australian tax law.

TaxCoach services are divided into categories, all of which work to benefit you in different ways.

Our main categories are Direct and Support.

There are three Support options: ProCare, Mentor, and Accredit.

Get the Answers with TaxCoach Direct

Get the Answers with TaxCoach Direct

TaxCoach Direct provides assistance in understanding and complying with Australian tax law.

TaxCoach Direct is a great way for decision-makers in the areas of commerce, business, investment, and superannuation to improve their tax knowledge and make better decisions.

The Australian Taxation Office reminds all SMSF trustees of their obligations in this way:

"Trustees are expected to have a knowledge of tax and super laws and must make sure their fund complies with those laws. Compliance risk is borne by the SMSF trustees, who can be personally fined if their fund breaches the law." Reference: ATO Website

TaxCoach Direct provides education, mentoring and coaching of SMSF trustees in tax law for superannuation.

Training and Coaching with TaxCoach Support

Training and Coaching with TaxCoach Support

The TaxCoach Support initiative delivers professional staff support, training and coaching programmes. These are for people in accounting practices, law firms and financial planning businesses. Get your staff’s knowledge up to scratch with TaxCoach Support.

Providing Care, Mentoring and Accreditation

The trio of TaxCoach Support programs are our ProCare,Mentor and Accredit options.

  • TaxCoach ProCare delivers professional training programs that are devised and developed by the TaxCoach team to you. These are aimed at building and supporting the levels of professional competency of your staff, as and when required but underpinned by regular sessions.
  • TaxCoach Mentor gives you direct access to mentor support either by telephone, email, or in person.
  • TaxCoach Accredit is our award of TaxCoach accreditation status and it is professionally supported by the TaxCoach team.

TaxCoach GovCare

Tailored coaching and mentor programs in tax compliance obligations for corporate governance.

TaxCoach GovCare is for non executive directors who may benefit from one-on-one skills development in understanding the obligations imposed by the tax laws of Australia in the commercial and investment context of each corporation with which they are associated.

Contact TaxCoach for specific detail on GovCare.

Professional development with TaxCoach

TaxCoach designs, develops and delivers professional development programs about tax compliance for professional associations, legal and accountancy practices, financial advisors and trustees.

Contact TaxCoach for specific detail on professional development with TaxCoach.

Master the Australian taxation system with TaxCoach.